What path does a single gal’s bitching-blog take after said gal admits she’s still alone at 33 because she’s kind of bitter? If you haven’t read my last post, you should do that now. https://datingpieceofsass.com/2018/01/25/the-bare-truth/ That baby was pretty revealing and I explained that I might be critical (and ultimately single) because I’m not totally satisfied in my life. I’ve been contemplating the direction of … Continue reading V•o•d•k•a


I’ve recently been considering investing in a flak jacket. Some family members and a few close friends have expressed concern for my safety in light of me airing my dirty laundry here on my blog, or “on-the-line” as the P-Child would say. I told them that the ahole guys I’m talking smack about can go f@&$ themselves. The dudes I’m bagging on are not good … Continue reading Flexin’